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A new generation of nuclear bombs is threatening to arrive in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and Italy from 2022 onwards.

The various F-16 and F-35 bombers emit tons of CO2 per flying hour and if they ever drop their bombs, it will be even more disastrous for creation.

We have been organizing digging-for-life actions at two Nato Air Bases in Europe
– for the CO2 emissions of the armed forces to be counted in the climate targets and
– to protest the plans for the deployment of a generation of new nuclear B61-12 thermonuclear bombs.

New action coming August 2023 – see here for more information about the Volkel Peace Camp 2023.

Would you like help to organise your own action, please tell us! Or would you like to know if a digging-for-life action is being organised, please tell us too, so we can inform you!

No new nukes – Digging For Life!