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Action idea for Buechel Air Base 2021

We have an action idea and would like to invite you to participate on Monday, July 19, 2021 at 11 am at the Büchel nuclear weapons base with music, a picnic and an action of civil disobedience.

At Büchel Air Base near Cochem on the Mosel River, about 20 U.S. nuclear bombs are stored, which NATO wants to replace in the coming years with new B61-12 bombs. Around the airbase there is a highly armed fence with surveillance cameras, motion sensors and a deep concrete foundation. The last Civil Disobedience actions deliberately cut through the perimeter fence. This time we don’t go through the fence, we go under it. We are digging under it, with the goal of getting to the runway to prevent the launching of Tornados there to practice nuclear war.

We have a vivid picture in front of our eyes, in which each and every one can go as far as their own determination allows. You can join in digging until the police asks you to stop and hand over your shovel to another, you can peacefully continue to dig until arrested, you can picnic near the diggers and be a witness and all of us can support the action by downloading and distributing the poster. 

This action is non-violent. The framework of action applies to all activists.

During the preparation process and the action, it is important for us to treat Covid with respect. We will set up a hygiene plan. You will learn more about our anti-Covid concept after you have registered.


If you plan to join in for the digging, we ask you to arrive no later than Saturday July 17th 4 pm at the peace camp to get to know each other, do a nonviolence training, make affinity groups, paint shovels and other preparations. This action is part of the international week of action from 12 – 20 July of the campaign ‘Büchel ist überall! atomwaffenfrei.jetzt!’, so you could also come earlier than Saturday to the peace camp.


There will also be people who will be there that day to express their protest against nuclear sharing and practicing for nuclear war. They will have a picnic in front of the fence in sight of the civil disobedient and thus enrich the life-affirming image on this day. If you would like to support the action in this way, you should be well equipped with delicious food (vegetarian-vegan if possible), a blanket and colorful banners and flags on site on Monday at 11 am. We are happy about any support of our action, e.g. with music or picnic, with documentation or reports.

Put up & distribute the poster

All of us can support the action by downloading the poster here to print and post it at one’s local organic shop, church, soup kitchen, window and to send it digitally onwards to one’s friends. 

Send shovels

You can’t be there in July, but would like to support us? Then send us your pink shovels in advance, e.g. with a peace message. We will be happy to use these shovels at Büchel Air Base!